Treasure Hunting Joe, doesn't know how to find treasure.  Don't be him, hire TreasureTroop and we'll find it for you!
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...but due to location, legality, experience, finances, who to trust, lack of professional equipment, etc.
You do not pursue it?

Learn more about the TreasureTroop treasure hunting service
    We help with the research,
work out the legalities,
and find the treasure.
Learn more about the TreasureTroop treasure hunting service
Welcome to your Treasure Recovery Team for hire

Hi folks! We are now on the web! TreasureTroop® offers professional recovery solutions.
We’ll help you find historical relics, gold, or even your lost items i.e. ( keys, rings, etc...)
We’d love to be part of your team.
Contact us today to get started.
Relic hunting in exotic places
Relic Hunting
Know where treasure is?
Learn more about the Relic Hunting services offered by TreasureTroop
Mining enough gold to make a tower of pure gold
Gold Mining
Want your land worked?
Learn more about the Gold Mining/ Prospecting services offered by TreasureTroop
Lost something valuable? We can find your keys, rings, etc...
Lost n’ Found
Lose something valuable?
Learn more about the Lost n' Found services offered by TreasureTroop
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